Welcome to ODK's Docs!

ODK is a suite of open source tools that help organizations collect and manage data.

The core ODK tools are:

  • ODK Collect, an Android app that replaces paper-based forms.
  • ODK Aggregate, a proven server for data storage and analysis tool.
  • ODK Central, a modern server with a RESTful API.
  • ODK Build, a drag-and-drop form designer.
  • ODK XLSForm, an Excel-based form designer.
  • ODK Briefcase, a desktop tool that pulls and exports data from Aggregate and Collect.

The specifications and libraries that power the tools are:

  • OpenRosa, APIs for how ODK clients communicate with ODK servers.
  • ODK XForms spec, a subset of the W3C XForms specification, for use in the ODK ecosystem.
  • ODK JavaRosa, a Java library that renders forms complying with ODK XForms.
  • XLSForm spec, a high-level Excel-based form specification.
  • pyxform, a Python library that converts XLSForms into ODK XForms.

For a complete list of our tools, check out ODK on GitHub.

How is ODK used?

For a quick start, read Getting Started With ODK. In most cases, users of ODK:

This requires:

While this is the typical use pattern, it is not the only way to do things. ODK is a very flexible set of tools, and organizations will find their own best practices for adopting it.