Server Audit Logs in CentralΒΆ

As of version 0.6, ODK Central tracks and logs audit actions for most administrative actions performed on the server. The following actions are logged:

  • Web User Actions
    • Create
    • Update Details (display name, email, password)
    • Assign Role
    • Revoke Role
    • Retire
  • Project Actions
    • Create
    • Update Details (name, settings, archival)
  • Form Actions
    • Create
    • Update Details (state, settings)
    • Update Attachments
    • Delete

To access the audit logs, navigate to System, then select Server Audit Logs from the navigation menu that appears:


Some details will sometimes appear in the Details column. The details view will be improved in future versions.

The table always defaults to only showing audit events from the current calendar day. To select a different date range, click on the date in the filter bar. A calendar will appear:


You can click on two separate days to select a range of those days, or you can select a single day by clicking on it twice. Dates and times are always filtered and displayed according to the local time on the computer you are browsing the administration panel from.

You can also filter by the type of audit action instead. To do this, click on the dropdown to the left of the date, which by default is labeled (All Actions).


You can select a single action to filter by, or you can filter by an entire category (select Form Actions to see any action that pertains to Forms, for example.