Setting Up ODK Briefcase#


ODK Briefcase is no longer being updated. If you're using Briefcase for CSV exports, data decryption, or automation, use ODK Central instead.

Before you begin…

We verify Briefcase with Java 11. We recommend installing OpenJDK 11 LTS from AdoptOpenJDK.

  1. Download the ODK Briefcase JAR file from GitHub.

    Some browsers may warn that JAR files might harm your computer. Do not worry, Briefcase when downloaded from our GitHub page is safe.

  2. Double-click the downloaded JAR file or, from the command line, run java -jar {path/to/ODK-Briefcase-vX.Y.Z.jar}

    macOS will warn that Briefcase is from an unidentified developer. This is normal and expected. Follow these instructions from Apple to open the file.

  3. Follow the instructions to start using Briefcase


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